About Mari K. Bell

Mari K. Bell, playwright and author of The Quarters, is the founder of No Ma'am Nation

Who Am I? I am You!

I’m a southern girl but lived up north. I'm went to an HBCU and pledged a sorority (OO-OOP!) I also attended PWI (predominately white institution). Yet, some of the smartest people I know, never even went to college. I've had a lot of careers. I've had a lot of ups and downs. I've cared for a sick parent. I've dated the wrong person. I married the right one. Now, I’m a wife with a blended family.  I made mistakes. I recovered. I gained weight. I lost weight and I gained it again. 

Like you, I am a work in progress – and we should be in this together.   


So, Why No Ma'am?

I looked high and low for something that speaks to all of who I am as a black woman over 40. I envisioned fun, resources, naughtiness, and most importantly, a defiance of aging stereotypes. 

When I couldn’t find it, I decided to create my own.


No Ma’am Nation Was Born and We Are A Sisterhood of Thousand!

No Ma’am Nation offers  women ages 40 and up a community of other energized women eager to connect, laugh, learn, and re-energize. Through No Ma’am Nation’s social media presence and online broadcast, membership has grown by the thousands.    


Are You Ready To Join Us?