Membership Thank You

Hey No Ma’amer!!!!! 

Congratulations! You are a Founding Member of No Ma’am Nations exclusive membership program!  I am so happy and excited you joined our program. 

Below are the details of our exclusive membership program. Additionally, I have two questions for you.   

  • Member only events, content, and resources 
  • Member only newsletter 
  • Your annual membership fee will never increase.  Your rate is grandfathered in.
  • A really cool welcome gift 
  • Discounts on NM products, apparel, events, and services 
  • Access to NM University  

Now, here are my questions: 

  1.  What is the #1 reason you joined?   
  2. What’s your shirt size (T-shirt and Polo style)? 

If you could respond to this email with your answers, it would help me create a great experience for you.  

Finally, our membership site will launch soon. We are making a few tweaks but wanted to get this ball rolling.   

In the meantime, look out for your welcome gift.  It’ll be shipping soon. 

Thank you again. We are going to have a good time! 

Love & Laughter! 


Mari K. Bell, founder 

No Ma'am Nation